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Promoting Your Blog with StumbleUpon

We have learned that monetizing our blogs involves: 1.) Creating a blog with the Blogger service and 2.) Learning how to implement Google AdSense to earn money. However, these are just the first steps in the overall process. Making money to blog takes time, but I'll show you how to speed up the process and start driving traffic to your blog in just a matter of minutes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said:
You can have the best product in the world, but if you don't know how to sell it, and if you don't, if you don't have anybody who can sell it for you or tell the public, it's a waste of time, the whole thing.

We can't argue that point Arnold (by the way, I loved your role in Kindergarten Cop) - and that's why today I'm here to talk about one of the many, many ways you can promote your blog and its content with a great service called: StumbleUpon.

I first stumbled upon (no pun intended) the service a few years ago and I was instantly hooked. In short, the service allows you to browse great websites with ease, which is specific to your tastes. So if you like technology, you're going to get pages about: hardware, software, etc. It's a brilliant concept, and eliminates those times (we all have) when we want to surf the Internet for topics we like, but don't know where to go - StumbleUpon does that for us!

So how does StumbleUpon help promote our blogs?

The answer is simple really - you connect with other stumblers through your StumbleUpon home page. Here's mine as of today (As you can tell, I love Borat!)

If they are interested in the content that you stumble, they'll add you as a friend and in turn will pass the word on. This networking will help promote your blog by adding your website into the stumble rotation. So now all of your friends and your friends, friends will be exposed to your blog content!

StumbleUpon makes the process of using its service to promote our blogs super simple with some great tools. For one, if you're using Firefox or Internet explorer, you can't live without the toolbar.

The integration of StumbleUpon into your browser is what makes it so popular. The options here (which I'll leave for you to explore) allow visitors to easily add your blog as a favorite to their StumbleUpon home page. This seamless integration helps to increase your blog network, promotion, traffic, and - generate more money from your blog at the end of the day.

Another must have for bloggers is the Link to Your Profile button. They come in many different flavors and it's just a simple copy and paste of the html into your blog post or blog navigation menu.

What these buttons do is make the experience for those who stumble your page much more enjoyable. If they like your article or site in general, they can simply click on the StumbleUpon button to add it into their rotation. Piece of cake, eh?

Making money from our blogs is a lot of fun. Promotion tools like StumbleUpon just make the experience so much better. So what are you waiting for? Get Stumbling!

Oh, and here's my handy StumbleUpon button incase you want to add me to your rotation today!

StumbleUpon My StumbleUpon Page


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