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Create an RSS Link for your Blog Readers

In What is RSS? We learned how important it is to connect with your readers by exposing an RSS feed. This will ultimately lead to a bigger fan base and in time, more money for your blog. But now that you know what RSS is, how exactly do you provide this feed on your Blogger blog? You'll be happy to know that this is a very simple process.

Burn your Feed with FeedBurner

FeedBuner is a FREE service that allows you to put your feed in front of more viewers. You can read all about Feedburner here.

First-things-first - head over to FeedBurner and create your account, it only takes a couple of minutes. Once your account is setup, simply “burn your feed” by typing the URL of your blog on the home page of FeedBurner. FeedBurner will then provide you with the direct link to your blogs feed - go ahead and copy that now.

Log into your Blogger account and click on Settings in your dashboard. At your Settings page, click on the Site Feed menu.

I would suggest setting the “Allow Blog Feed” to full. This means that anyone who subscribes to your sites feed will see the entire article in their newsreader. This is just common courtesy in my opinion - don't make your readers do more work than they have to. Most people happen to be turned off by a shortened article feed anyhow… our purpose is to pull in more readers, not lose them.

Next, paste your FeedBurner feed into the “Post Feed Redirect URL” option. This is the link to your sites feed that you burned just a short while ago. Once you're done with that, save your settings.

Your Blogger blog has been setup with a full RSS feed, and you are helping your cause out by using the FeedBurner service to get your articles in front of more viewers. We are moneymaking machines after all… aren't we?

Now head over to your blog template.

Your blogs feed is ready to be consumed by the hungry vultures that are your readers. But in order to give them what they want, you have to expose it to the world. You should be looking at your blogs layout now - click on Add a Page Element and choose the Feed option.

Simply paste your FeedBurner link here and save your changes. I recommend moving your RSS link to a highly visible area of your page - near the top. Ok, you're done!

In just a matter of minutes you have created a nice shinny RSS feed for all of your loyal readers. By doing this, you're conforming to the rest of the blogging world (which is a good thing) and making your site more accessible to potential fans. Just another step in blogging for money.


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Make Money Online With Your Blog Roadmap

A quick roadmap to help you get on track. Use this as a starting guide for this site, but please do navigate the menu system to obtain even more valuable information.


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