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This is the week in review – a busy one for sure. If you’ve been following along we learned quite a lot. But the nice thing is that it didn’t take long at all. So let’s do a quick walk through, shall we?

1.) We learned a little about Google AdSense and what it can do for us.
2.) Some of us have been hiding under a rock and didn’t even know what the term: Blog meant! (hey, you have to start somewhere, right?)
3.) Next, we figured out just how easy (and FREE!) it was to setup our own blog for the world to see, with Blogger.
4.) We were excited to own a piece of cyberspace, but we wanted to start making money with AdSense. Luckily, the account setup was a breeze.
5.) Armed with a lethal blog of our own and an AdSense account was dangerous stuff! We couldn’t just go into this with our eyes close so I broke down Google’s Terms and Conditions so you wouldn’t fall asleep.
6.) After we felt comfortable with Google’s program policies, we decided to put AdSense on our blogs. And boy was that easy!
7.) Last but not least, we wanted a sound strategy for laying out our ads. We didn’t want it to look like your finger-painting-themed birthday party when you were nine – so we followed Google’s advice and put our ads where the readers can see them.

Congratulations! You are on your way to earning money with your blog. It’s not going to be an overnight success but stick around and we’ll get there. We have a lot more ground to cover such as: AdSense optimization, site content, traffic, etc. We’ll hit those next week but for now I’ll let you digest all of this.


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This piece of cyber-space is dedicated to being your #1 source for learning how to blog for money. My articles are focused around the FREE Blogger (Blogspot) service, but you can apply a lot of the information here to ANY blogging platform or website.

Make Money Online With Your Blog Roadmap

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